Original map and duo mode will be a permanent feature of Apex Legends starting April 7

Battle royale game Apex Legends will permanently get a duo mode on April 7. Then the original map, King’s Canyon, will return to map rotation for good. The level had been out of use for some time and the duo mode only popped up here and there as a temporary feature.

Duos can be played on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, as well as the original game mode trios. The announcement does not mention changes to the map, loot or other things to ensure that the game is well balanced in duo mode. So this remains to be seen.

Kings Canyon was the original level of Apex Legends, which was in the game from release in early 2019 until the start of season three in October 2019. Then it was replaced by World’s Edge. Later this month, players will have permanent access to two different maps for the first time.

An in-game event called The Old Ways will also begin on April 7th. That includes a nest of prowlers in World’s Edge, which contains high-level loot. However, other teams also compete for that loot. Furthermore, new cosmetics will be introduced, in the form of skins for players and weapons. Finally, a new part of the story is told in video form.