Kalypso Media Is Working On All New Commandos Game

Kalypso Media, the owner of Commandos since 2018, is working on a new game in the franchise, for PCs and the next generation of consoles. For this it has set up development studio Claymore Studios.

The new studio is located in Darmstadt, Germany. Claymore Studios is looking for developers skilled in level and mission design, ui and ux experts, vfx artists, animation specialists, “3d generalists” and devs who can handle the Unreal Engine. This is to further shape the development team. The “core team” and the office of Claymore Studios are already in place, writes Kalypso.

Kalypso also released an HD remaster of Commandos 2: Men of Courage last January. It is currently only available for Windows, but it should also be released this spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The original of the stealth strategy game is from 2001 and the first part of the franchise is from 1998.

Trailer of the HD remaster of Commandos 2, not the just announced all-new game