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OnePlus releases Android 8.1 update for 5 and 5T smartphone

Oneplus has started to release a software update that installs Android 8.1 on Oneplus 5 and 5T. The update comes as usual over-the-air available for owners of the smartphones.

Oneplus on their own forum announced that it is version 5.1.0 of OxygenOS, the peel that the Chinese manufacturer about the Android operating system. In addition to the introduction of Android 8.1, the update includes a recent Android security patch, namely patch 2018-04.
The Chinese manufacturer adds on the OnePlus 5T support for gestures on the entire screen, which take the place from the default buttons to go back or navigate to the home screen. In addition, the manufacturer reports that new optimisations have been implemented in game mode, using less power and allowing the adaptive brightness function to be paused.
Oneplus now releases the update for users, but this gradually goes on and reaches initially only a small number of users of one of the two phones. The manufacturer has announced that a wide roll-out of the update will only take place in a few days.
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