OnePlus and Waze repair problems with GPS fix

Owners of OnePlus smartphones suddenly seem to have problems with the navigation software Waze. Several users have indicated that they will no longer be able to get a GPS fix if they use the app, but a solution has been issued.

The complaints appeared in various forums, including those of Waze itself. In the forums, users of various OnePlus smartphones indicate that the software no longer functions, with reports of spontaneous loss of the GPS connection. After that, many users will not succeed in regaining GPS connection, so navigation will no longer work.
Waze previously recognized that there is a problem; on the support page from Google, owner of Waze, mention is made of the problem with OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus and Waze have now found a solution to the problem, where OnePlus has released the necessary fix. Users are advised to restart their phone in order for Waze to function again. The first experiences show that this has indeed provided a solution for many owners.
Some owners of OnePlus phones had already found a solution to the problem. For example, it is possible to turn on the battery advanced optimization option, which should result in a GPS fix, although that does not work for everyone. Another user reports that installing an older version of Waze overcomes the problems.


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