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Plugin makes it possible to overclock PS Vita to 500MHz

It turns out to be possible to boost the processor clock speed in the PPlayStation Vita to about 500MHz. That works with a plugin that can be downloaded for free. There were earlier plugins to increase the clock speed, but that went no further than 444MHz.

The website discovered the plugin after shorPPlayStation Vita tly before the first experiences on Reddit appeared . The makers of the plugin, named LOLIcon, call themselves dots-tb, and they have already released a number of times an improved version, among other things to fix delays in the menu. The necessary software can be downloaded on Github and must be installed as a plug-in .
After installation of the plug-in, the processor of the PlayStation Vita runs at a clock speed of 500MHz, while the processor is specified to run on a maximum speed of 444MHz. There were already plugins that could raise the clock speed of the Vita, but these were limited to 444MHz. With LOLIcon there is thus for the first time a true overclock.
Earlier this year Sony stopped the production of physical games for the PS Vita. The manufacturer also announced that owners of the handheld console will no longer receive free games next year.

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