Flemish libraries stop lending e-books because of ‘frustrating’ system

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Flemish libraries stop the experiment to lend e-books to readers. The experiment has been running for almost a year, but will stop in May “to avoid further frustration” with the system among users.

While it was clear from the outset that it would initially be a one-year trial, it appears that the intention was to continue the trial and offer it as a service. In the trial, users will be able to borrow e-books through libraries’ websites and app.

The experiences with the current system are negative, writes the Library magazine. For example, there are problems with offline reading and the app is unstable according to users. In addition, the offer is limited and expensive. To borrow three e-books it is necessary to buy a card for five euros. For the same amount it is possible to take out an annual subscription to the library and to borrow many more physical books.

Nevertheless, it remains the intention that Flemish libraries will lend e-books in 2016 with a new system. What that will look like is currently unknown.

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