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One of Apple’s secret projects is about satellite technology

It’s not exactly the first news you’re likely to come across, one day after the launch of Apple’s new iPhones, but it’s true. Bloomberg reports in her podcast that Apple is secretly working on hardware for satellites. But really? Satellites? Why?

The reason seems simple: Apple wants to check everything that has to do with their products. Every aspect from production to sales to functionality of their products is managed down to the millimeter and satellite communication is also part of that. Exactly what Apple is working on is not known and we do not know whether this is a project that is being ‘done’ to see if there is anything to improve for Apple in satellite communication. Maybe it’s about GPS; perhaps it has to do with data ; perhaps there is a safety issue; you do not know.

Secret projects everywhere

According to the podcast, Apple has all kinds of secret projects, but that is not surprising. Every big company has secret projects and if you see where Google, Samsung and others in the tech field are occasionally working on the basis of leaked patent applications and other rumors, Apple’s satellite business might not be that bad. At least it still affects their business.

The projects in question would be the AR headset and the technology for self-driving cars. Well that last is not even almost a secret but also about the first one is whispered in the corridors for a while . That would mean that the satellite theory could also be fine. Wondering if we ever hear anything from it.

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