Google stops with Inbox now that popular features are also in Gmail

In 2014 Google launched Inbox as an alternative to Gmail . According to Google, the mail app itself was a good place to experiment with new ideas such as ‘snoozing’ emails and things like Smart Reply. The app was fairly popular, but in the meantime it has proved its usefulness, according to the developer. After Gmail got some of the most important functions of Inbox earlier this year the difference between both apps is minimal.

Google had been able to continue using Inbox as a sort of vanguard app to keep trying potentially troublesome or shocking changes in a limited circle, but they have now decided that it is not worth the trouble. That means that as of March 2019, Inbox will say goodbye, according to Google in a blog update. An entire guide has even been created that allows Inbox users to switch to Gmail without missing their favorite features.

Do not get used to anything

Users of Inbox are logically not very enthusiastic about the announcement. Dealing with email is something we are not good at as people, and once you have found your flow, it is extremely annoying to have to learn something else. In addition, there is a kind of app-killer atmosphere around Google to come.

Users now assume that if a Google product is not called Gmail, YouTube or search, it is extremely likely that the app in question – however useful – will disappear within a few years (or months). Do not get used to it, so the comments go, because it will be gone again soon. Whether that is a fine reputation to have remains to be seen. Anyway: Inbox has disappeared in six months. Long live Gmail?