Nvidia tests cloud version Fortnite with touch controls for iOS via GeForce NOW

Nvidia and Epic Games want to bring Fortnite to iOS through a browser version of GeForce NOW. It is a version of the game that can be played with touch controls. The version will also be available through the GeForce Now Android app. For now it is a closed beta.

Players can join a waiting list with Nvidia for a chance to participate in the test. More players will be allowed in in phases. To play Fortnite this way, a GeForce NOW account is required. A free account is enough. With the beta, Nvidia wants to test the server capacity, ‘graphics delivery’ and performance of the touch controls.

According to Nvidia, it is a version of Fortnite with touch controls. It is not yet known whether it is an adaptation of the PC version or an existing mobile version. With Fortnite, crossplay between all versions is possible. If Epic Games brings Fortnite to iOS and Android users through this route, the company can operate its own payment system. Nvidia does not charge commission for payments in games played through GeForce NOW.

Nvidia and Epic Games want to offer an alternative to the iOS version of Fortnite with the method. The game has been unavailable on iOS since the summer of 2020. Apple then removed the game from the App Store because Epic added its own payment system. Google has also removed Fortnite from the Play Store, but Android users can still play the game by downloading the apk and installing it manually.

At the end of 2020, Nvidia and Epic already said that a touch version of Fortnite for GeForce NOW would appear, but so far it has not been forthcoming. GeForce NOW was already usable via the browser and the PC version of Fortnite could already be played on iOS devices via Safari, but that requires a controller and the menus are not adapted for display on small screens.