Nvidia ends its GeForce Partner Program

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Nvidia has announced that it is ending its GeForce Partner Program, also known as GPP. The decision follows a period of high attention for the program, as Nvidia would force participants to link their game brands exclusively to GeForce.

The company said in a brief statement that it has made the decision to “avoid distraction from its super-exciting work” in the PC gaming field. It also argues that “rumours, speculation and falsehoods” about the GPP miss the point of the program. “We’d rather quit the program than fight disinformation,” Nvidia said. The company has never disclosed any disclosures since the first rumors about the GPP’s demands.

In its message, it only writes that it asked its partners to clearly brand their products. The partners would keep their brand and decide for themselves how to transfer their ‘product promise’ to gamers. The first rumors about the GPP’s content came from HardOCP, which claimed that manufacturers must associate their game brands exclusively with GeForce if they want to take advantage of the program’s benefits, including marketing development funds.

After this information came out, several manufacturers made changes in line with HardOCP’s information. For example, Gigabyte released an RX 580 Gaming Box without its Aorus designation, MSI removed the Gaming X name from some AMD GPUs and Asus released AMD Radeon GPUs under the Arez name instead of the usual Republic of Gamers name. Brand. In addition, there were rumors that HP and Dell refused to participate in the GPP. AMD pointed to these developments last month.

Nvidia says nothing about the immediate consequences of ending the GPP, which it introduced in March. It remains to be seen whether manufacturers will roll back some of the aforementioned changes, for example.

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