Number of Nvidia GeForce NOW subscribers doubles in year to 14 million

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW game streaming service now has 14 million subscribers, more than doubling from the past year. The company does not report how many free subscribers are involved. The service has been out of beta since February last year.

Chief financial officer Colette Kress says GeForce NOW now has more than 14 million members in more than 80 countries, according to Seeking Alpha. These stream games from thirty data centers around the world. As of February this year, a year after the game streaming service launched, the service still had six million members. These streamed a total of 175 million hours of games in one year. GeForce NOW is free to play with hour-long gaming sessions; those who want to play longer must purchase a subscription of at least ten euros per month or 50 euros per six months.

The game streaming service falls under Nvidia’s gaming arm. This branch achieved a record turnover of $3.22 billion in the third quarter, the company reports in its quarterly figures. This is 42 percent more than a year earlier and five percent more than a quarter earlier. This increase is due to the company selling more GeForce GPUs, specifically Ampere GPUs. In addition, the company now says that it sells ‘almost only’ LHR GPUs; these graphics cards are less suitable for cryptomines and should therefore in theory reach gamers more often.

Nvidia’s data center arm, Nvidia’s most important component after gaming, also had a strong quarter. Revenue rose 55 percent in one year to $2.94 billion. Compared to the second quarter, the increase is 24 percent. According to Nvidia, this is partly because hyperscale customers bought more Ampere products for cloud computing purposes.

The company’s quarterly revenue came in at $7.10 billion, which is a record and fifty percent more than a year earlier. Net income for the quarter was $2.46 billion, up 84 percent from a year earlier and 4 percent up from a quarter earlier.