Nintendo has shipped over 89 million Switch consoles

Nintendo shipped 4.45 million Switch consoles in the past quarter. With that, the Japanese gaming giant has now collectively shipped more than 89 million Switch and Switch Lite consoles since its introduction.

Nintendo reports in its quarterly results that the company’s sales and revenues have declined from the same quarter a year ago. Last quarter turnover decreased by 9.9 percent to approximately 2.49 billion euros, while profits in the past quarter amounted to approximately 922 million euros. That is a decrease of 17.3 percent year-on-year.

This is partly because the company delivered 21.7 percent fewer Switch consoles in the second quarter than in the same period last year. The company said it shipped 3.31 million regular Switch consoles and 1.14 million Switch Lite handhelds in the quarter. In total, the company has shipped 89.04 million Nintendo Switch consoles since its release, including 73.20 million Switch and 15.84 million Switch Lite units.

In addition to lower hardware sales, the company has also sold less game software in the past three months. That’s not entirely surprising; During the same period in 2020, the company experienced a major surge in demand for games during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons around this time last year. Between April 1 and June 30, 2020, the company sold ten million copies of that game alone.

Nintendo released fewer major titles this past quarter. The company released New Pokémon Snap in April, which has sold 2.07 million copies outside of Japan; the game is published in Japan by The Pokémon Company, so Nintendo does not include the sales results for that country in its results. In June, Nintendo released Mario Golf: Super Rush, which has shipped 1.34 million copies until June 30.

Nintendo has several major releases planned for the rest of the year. The company released an HD edition of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Switch this month, and is coming in the coming months with Metroid Dread, remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, WarioWare: Get It Together and Mario Party Superstars. The company will also introduce a new Switch model with a larger OLED screen in October.