Nintendo gives Switch support for Bluetooth audio devices

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Nintendo has released an update for the Switch consoles that allows Bluetooth audio devices to be paired with the consoles. Bluetooth microphones are not supported with the update.

The bluetooth audio support is in update 13.0.0 of the Switch. When a user pairs a Bluetooth audio device to a Switch, up to two more wireless controllers can be paired to the console. The bluetooth audio support also expires when a player connects his or her Switch locally to another Switch and thus wants to play local multiplayer. Nintendo further warns of possible delay in the audio.

In version number 12.0.0, code already appeared that referred to upcoming bluetooth audio support. Until version 13.0.0 it was only possible to connect headphones wired or with USB dongles.

In addition to Bluetooth audio support, the update to 13.0.0 also brings the possibility to update Switch docks with LAN port. In addition, users can now leave the internet connection activated when the console goes into Sleep Mode, for example to download DLC while the console is in Sleep Mode. This only works with wired internet connections. Users can now also see whether their WiFi connection is on 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

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