New MagSafe Card Holder Is Kind Of AirTag

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Apple unveiled the new iPhone 13 series yesterday. And of course a new iPhone also means: new accessories! One of the most interesting additions is a MagSafe card holder that works like an AirTag of sorts.

MagSafe Cardholder with Find My Support

Just like last year’s iPhone 12, the new iPhone 13 has MagSafe: a built-in magnet on which you can clip accessories. For example, this small wallet. This now supports Find My. Does the wallet come loose from your iPhone? Then you can look up where this happened in the Find My app. So you can see where you lost it.

There is room for up to three cards in the card holder. The card holder is shielded, so that, for example, your debit card cannot be skimmed. The wallet is made of specially tanned European leather in various (new) colours.

And the old wallet?

A similar MagSafe wallet appeared last year. We don’t know if the above Find My feature will work for this version – Apple isn’t really clear about that. It could in principle be a software function. We will notice on Monday, because then the major iOS 15 update will appear, and it will be needed for the new Find My app anyway. So to be continued!

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