Nextcloud gives chat platform Talk new features such as voice messages

Nextcloud has released version 12 of its chat app Talk, which includes new features such as voice messages. Mobile users can now share images, documents and contacts in chats. They can also pass on their location to others.

Voice messages can be shared both in the web interface and with the mobile version of Talk. Furthermore, users can delete messages themselves up to six hours after they have been sent. Users can also create Calendar Talk rooms via Outlook and Nextcloud. According to Nextcloud, many users asked for the new features in Talk.

The developers also provide more information about new Talk features that Nextcloud announced earlier this month. For example, users of instant messages can create tasks so that a user knows what he or she still has to do. In addition, conversations can be closed, the visibility of scheduled lobbies can be limited and access to conversations can be better managed. For example, users can indicate which users can be present during a conversation and whether guest accounts can be added.

Version 12 of Nextcloud Talk is now available for download within the Nextcloud app store. Nextcloud is free open source software that individuals and businesses can host on their own servers. In addition to Talk, there is Nextcloud Files to share files and Nextcloud Groupware, which contains calendar, contacts and mail apps.