District 9 director works with new game studio on multiplayer shooter

Neill Blomkamp, ​​director of films such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie, will work as chief visionary officer with Gunzilla Games on a multiplayer shooter. Gunzilla is made up of former Crytek, Ubisoft and EA developers.

Blomkamp tells IGN that as CVO he will work with various teams within Gunzilla on the game’s design, audio and story, among other things. It is a multiplayer game; Blomkamp tells the game site that he wants to write the background story of the game. “If you provide more backstory and world creation, you also get a more compelling, awesome world to play in,” said the film director.

It is not clear which themes the game revolves around and in which setting the game takes place, although Blomkamp does say that it is not connected to films he has made. He does call the idea of ​​a science fiction game in the near future ‘interesting’.

Gunzilla was set up last year; the development of the game is therefore at an early stage. It is not yet known when the game should be released and for which platforms this will happen. However, there is talk of an ‘AAA game’. In May, the studio announced it would use Unreal Engine.

Neill Blomkamp is a South African film director known for dystopian science fiction films. It is not the first time that he has come into contact with the game world; previously he made a short film about Anthem. He also previously released a movie on Steam and YouTube.

The film that Blomkamp made for Anthem.

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