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You can challenge other trainers in Pokémon Go this year

Pokémon Go is now a game where you can do much more than just catch critters, but one thing was missing: challenging other trainers for a fight from Pokémon to Pokémon. Head of European marketing Anne Beuttenmüller of Niantic, however, confirmed to a Polish news site that exactly that possibility will be added to the game sometime this year. She did that during an Ingress event in Warsaw.

What form the PvP (player vs. player) mode is going to get, she did not tell, but it would be a nice addition to Pokémon Go. If you can fight each other friendly while you are on location and encounter other Poké fans and (more than presumably) can also earn something in the game, that is an extra incentive for players to get out.

More and more social

Niantic already expanded the social aspect of Pokémon Go earlier this year with the exchange of Pokémon and the introduction of friends lists. Becoming friends with other players also has advantages, so there are always reasons to look for interaction with other players. Of course there was – especially during the frenzied start days in 2016 already a lot of talk by people who knew each other to tell where some rare Pokémon were, but now that they can also compete against each other you have something good too trained Pokémon if you do not have a group to join Raids.

In the interview was also said that certainly more Pokémon will come in the game, but that is so far from surprising that it can hardly be called news. Niantic also goes Ingress Prime (an update of the already existing Ingress) and of course Harry Potter: Wizards Unite . That was not what Beuttenmüller wanted to say about it, but it is also being launched by the end of the year. That will be a lot of walking in the winter!

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