New game studio shows sci-fi game Fort Solis with prominent voice actors

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Fallen Leaf, a new game studio, is working on Fort Solis. This is a sci-fi thriller with a lot of emphasis on the story, which is being made in Unreal Engine 5. Troy Baker and Roger Clark are involved in the project. The two actors have already worked on many major games.

Fort Solis is set on Mars and is a third person perspective game. The story is about engineer Jack Leary, who responds to a distress call from Fort Solis. When he gets there, that base turns out to be deserted. Leary then discovers ‘the mystery’ for which the base was created and must escape. The game takes place around a large base made up of nine individual buildings. Levels take place above and below ground.

The game revolves around exploring the basics and conversations that have multiple outcomes. The resulting actions have consequences for the course of the story. In order to convey the story convincingly, the makers have hired prominent actors who have already lent their voices and movement to several other games.

Troy Baker is known as Joel from The Last of Us and Roger Clark plays main character Arthur Morgan in Red Redemption 2. The two actors attended the Summer Game Fest to talk about their roles in the new game. A release date has not yet been announced. According to the Steam page the game will be out ‘soon’.

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