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New atmospheric lighting from Philips looks like this!

With Philips Hue Philips has long proved that they are pro in creating the right lighting. With Hue you can set the color or atmosphere yourself. Now there is an extension to the mood lighting: Hue Signe and Hue Play.

Hue Signe
The Hue Signe is a stand alone lamp that has beautiful color effects. The color can be set by the users themselves. This lamp is a small rod that stands on the ground. This lamp gives a nice effect when placed in the direction of the wall.

Hue Play
Hue Play is a floor lamp. This can be placed behind objects. Behind the TV, for example, it gives a warm effect. The lamp does not stand out, because it is concealed in a kind of beam. In total, no less than 16 million colors are available. There are already 50,000 shades of white. That will be a difficult choice.

The two new lamps can be connected to the Philips app. With this you can operate the lamps. The lamps will be launched in October.

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