NATO provides Ukraine with equipment to fend off internet attacks

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg announced in Kiev on Monday that the military alliance wants to provide Ukraine with equipment to fend off internet attacks. The news follows the attack with the NotPetya malware.

Associated Press writes that the equipment is intended for government agencies within Ukraine. Without giving further details on the nature of the equipment, Stoltenberg said the equipment should help the country figure out who is responsible for carrying out an Internet attack. According to Reuters, Ukraine is in talks with NATO to join the organization, which consists of 29 countries.

The announcement follows the Internet attacks via the NotPetya ransomware, which several companies say were carried out via the MeDoc accounting software of the Ukrainian company Intellect Service. The attack would have been aimed at the country itself. The software in question is used by about 80 percent of all Ukrainian companies.

At the beginning of this month, the Ukrainian secret service said that Russia is probably responsible for the attacks based on its own data and data from security companies. The country was previously the target of internet attacks, for example on its energy supply.