Modder makes laptop version of Xbox One X

Eddie Zarick is at it again. The modder has in the past made unofficial laptop variants of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even a combination of the two called the ‘Playbox 4One Mk. II’. Not entirely unexpectedly, Eddie Zarick now presents the Xbook One X.

‘Why not?’ says Zarick at the unveiling of the Xbook One X. That is perhaps the most appropriate summary for the work he has been doing for years. His laptops are always poorly portable and have no batteries because they would hardly last, but Zarick still climbs into the saddle for every console, just because it’s cool.

The modder chose a 21.5″ Viewsonic display for this build because it was the smallest size monitor to support 1080p resolutions. He didn’t want to waste the additional computing power of the Scorpio, of course, but for portability reasons, He kept the screen as small as possible.In addition to a screen, speakers are also built in, which means that the only external requirement is a socket.

A built-in keyboard is also optional. According to Zarick, this ensures that navigating through the menus and typing messages is just that little bit faster. However, this comes at the expense of one of the console’s USB ports. On the front are also the buttons to operate the screen, the speakers and the console itself. There is also a handy USB port.

As far as heat production is concerned, Zarick says he has had it easy. The Xbox One X already knows how to dissipate its heat well and the mud only had to install the right air ducts and the console does the rest itself, without his further help.

The console can be ordered in white or black, with accents in any color the buyer wishes. Anyone interested in this monstrous Xbox One X laptop pays $ 2495, excluding shipping costs and any import duties. Buyers must deposit $1,000 prior to delivery and contact Zarick to determine further charges. In the video, he states that the sales of his laptop consoles are always quite fast.