Microsoft to produce Xbox Series X-designed mini fridge

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Microsoft is going to make Xbox Series X mini fridges. It does so to celebrate winning a popularity contest hosted by Twitter’s marketing department. Xbox Games Marketing head Aaron Greenberg assures readers it’s not an April 1 joke.

Twitter organized a popularity contest between different brands operating on the platform via polls. Participants included Skittles, Gatorade, Oreo, Airbnb, Spotify, MTV and more. In the last round Xbox and Skittles had to compete against each other and that race was pretty even until the last minute. Greenberg therefore threw in the towel on the promise that the Xbox mini fridges would actually be made if the brand won. It did with 50.5 percent of the 340,000 votes.

Microsoft has long joked about the Xbox Series X refrigerator. When the Xbox Series X and S were initially unveiled, it was sometimes joked that the X variant resembles a refrigerator. Microsoft followed suit by assuring gamers that the console will be significantly smaller than a refrigerator and also came up with a side-by-side comparison. Then it went one step further: it made a real full-sized refrigerator with the design of the Xbox Series X. Two copies came off the production line; one went to Xbox enthusiast Snoop Dogg and the other was raffled off.

It is not known how big this mini fridge will be, nor how many will roll off the production line, where they will be for sale and what they will cost. It is known that they should go into production this year.

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