Spotify app for iOS includes official render of Car Thing accessory

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Spotify’s iOS app includes a render of the ‘Car Thing’ accessory. Spotify already announced this device in 2019, but has since released little news about the car accessory. It is not known if and when the Spotify Car Thing will be released.

The render was hidden in the code of the Spotify app, noticed Steve Moser from MacRumors op. The image shows a device with a rectangular screen, a large control button, a smaller button on the front and four buttons on the top. The original 2019 Car Thing design featured a circular screen with four buttons next to it. Moser also publishes illustrations of mounting designs, with which the Spotify Car Thing can be attached to the dashboard of a car.

It is not yet known what the function of the various buttons are. Earlier this year, photos of the Spotify Car Thing appeared in an FCC inspection. This American agency then called the device a “voice-activated accessory for the phone and Spotify app with a screen and buttons”. The device would use bluetooth to connect to users’ phones and cars.

Spotify announced in a blog post in 2019 that the company is working on a voice-activated car accessory. At the time, it was still a test version of the Spotify Car Thing. Since then, the company has released few details about the device. It is not yet known whether Spotify will release the device, although the recent FCC approval and the new render from Spotify’s iOS app do indicate this.

Images by Steve Moser via MacRumors

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