Microsoft Teams will have the option to switch accounts on the desktop

Video conference and chat program Microsoft Teams will have an option to switch accounts on the desktop. This is evident from a public roadmap from the software maker. The feature should be released before the end of the year.

The feature is currently under development, Microsoft’s site reveals. “Teams users will be able to add accounts, change their profile picture, and switch between accounts and organizations through the settings,” the software maker described.

OnMsft points out that there has been a call on Uservoice since 2017 to add support for multiple accounts to Teams. That call has received 28,000 votes. It is unknown whether Microsoft decided to roadmap the feature for that reason, but a Microsoft employee already responded to Uservoice this summer with the announcement that the feature would becoming.

Support for multiple accounts is already included in the mobile app for Android and iOS. The update for the desktop version of Teams should be released worldwide in December, the roadmap said.