Microsoft stops brand name Office and integrates all software in Microsoft 365

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The Office brand name will largely disappear in the coming months. Microsoft is going to rename the office suite and integrate it into Microsoft 365. The individual app names such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will remain.

Microsoft writes in a faq that the Office brand name will disappear in the near future. Over the next few months,, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows will disappear. Those services will be renamed or integrated into the Microsoft 365 app. It will also get ‘a new look and more features’, although Microsoft does not write anything about it. The Microsoft 365 app will also be available for the first time on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. There is now only an Office app, but it will be renamed and the Microsoft 365 functions will be integrated into it.

According to Microsoft, the change is necessary because Microsoft 365 has become the company’s main productivity suite. In Microsoft 365, the online versions of Office programs such as Word and Excel were already usable, along with other software such as Teams and OneDrive. In the past, that package was also only available as Office 365 with only the Office apps, but that has slowly been phased out. According to Microsoft, nothing will change for customers who for one reason or another are still on Office 365.

The individual packages do keep their names, so Word itself doesn’t disappear. It is also possible through Microsoft itself purchase a one-time license for some or all Office programs. The prices for this start at 149 euros.

The changes start next month. As of November, will be replaced. The other apps will follow in January next year; then the Windows apps will be updated and the mobile apps will have a different look.

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