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Microsoft splits Windows Devices division

I do not know exactly who pays for loose things, but I know a few and in most categories, I am one of them. I do not want to be dependent on the vagaries of a (greedy) party or the reliability of an internet connection or anything in that spirit.

It is somewhat difficult to compare exactly with the time since the compositions of the Office packages do not have remained the same (especially Outlook and OneNote) but let’s look at a reasonable suggestion.

Office 2007 Professional then: € 500, –
Office 365 Personal now: € 69, – per year or € 7, – per month.

If we look at now, you could have done 11 years with your one-off expense to Office 2007. This amounts to subscription fees (assuming that they remain constant) on:
11 * 69 = € 759, – if you count on a year
11 * 12 * 7 = € 924, – if you are tapping monthly. [19659004] With this one-time paid Office 2007 Pro you save € 259, – and € 424, respectively.

Even if you had a Office 2007 Ultimate of € 680, – you have saved € 79, – and € 244, – respectively.

Now it’s the case that the euro’s are running out of your pants nowadays as if you have a chronic diarrhea, but I think that’s a lot of money. Have you forgotten about inflation? Kind of. Add only 100 euros to the purchase price from 2007. Still a big difference

For everything is an alternative and if the product is not worth the price a consumer will walk. But be honest, how many people do you know who bought a legal windows xp or 7 key for 300 euros? Abonements forms ensure affordability and more choice. The price increase will therefore be better.

That’s a nice theory, but he is not right. Microsoft has become so intrigued in the personal and certainly the professional life that most people and companies can not just as easily change to something else.

If there really is something else by the way. How many alternatives are there when you talk about operating systems? In fact, you only have the “choice” between Microsoft, Apple and a Unix-based OS.

But in practice there are actually only two options for the average user. You buy a PC / laptop with Windows or you buy an Apple. And that’s it.
Apart from the fact that you have already paid for a Windows OEM license (and with which you also have an answer to your question).

And when we are talking about gamers then there is really only one option left. about. Unless of course, you are willing to let a huge blow of good games pass you by (because DirectX-only and thus exclusively for Windows). And here too, there is no contradiction (about Wine ofzo), because once again the masses, which do not have Linux at the outset.

Then we will talk about the affordability, the choice and the (in your opinion) better price increase.

As I have already outlined, in practice you have to deal with a vendor lock-in. By and by Microsoft in this case. In 2 years the extended support for W7 stops and everyone is simply forced to run W10. I will not repeat the aggressive and shabby dubious behavior of MS for the thousandth time around the imposition of W10, but you can safely assume that the use of W7 by that time is simply made impossible. Is it not because of a (probably long-installed) update that disrupts the functioning of your PC or by limiting new software and hardware.

And then we’re in it!

Maybe it will take a while but the stand-alone versions will disappear. And then MS can do what she wants. Choice of subscriptions? Sure … but those few little handy things are of course not in the cheaper abos.

Or do we get a complete custom made package? Do you want the possibility to install and use a different browser than Edge? That is then 1 euro p / m extra. How many “apps” do you want to be able to run at the same time? That is then 50 cents p / m per “app”. How many “apps” do you want to be able to install at the same time? That’s then … But with “apps” from the Windows Store you will of course get a discount!

And what if I do not pay more for my subscription? Can I suddenly stop using my PC too? Can I still open my old documents? May I perhaps view my old photos? Can I actually log in on my own PC?

Is that far-fetched? I do not think so. They push very hard to log in with your MS account. With the first releases of W10 it was not even clear that you could create a local account at the installation. That was hidden in a piece of small text somewhere at the bottom.

That local account will disappear. Or maybe they keep the opportunity for a while but you can pay for it.

Prices will rise and you will get worse. Just as it goes everywhere you will pay more for less product.

Microsoft only has one goal and that is to put you in the hold to pull you empty. Total control and no way out.

And that is why you do not have to cooperate and just continue to buy stand-alone versions.

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