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France wants to compete with China and the US in the field of artificial intelligence

Why do civil servants always think that you can become world leader with a bucket of money?

It reminds me of managers who mean extra “hands” by extra programmers. As if you can learn programming at the LOI, and as if managers themselves are able to program but just do not feel like it.

We will see where France is 1.5 billion euro and ten years later in the field of AI . My cautious prediction: France is not a world leader.

If the predictions are correct, then I think those who are leading the way in AI are pulling the world’s power. Such a development must come from the business world. Just as our national ASML pride has also grown without civil service intervention.
Europe does not make a dent in a package of butter in the software field. The greats are in the US. I think we have the capacity, but that politics is in our way. We have far too many regulations.

European politicians deal with the redistribution of wealth, not with their collection (except on a personal level).

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