Microsoft: ‘Spartan’ will be the default browser and will not be called Internet Explorer

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Microsoft gives its new browser, which it is currently working hard on, a different name than Internet Explorer. In addition, the program should from now on become the default browser of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.

That’s what marketing manager Chris Capossela said at a company meeting, Microsoft insider Tom Warren of The Verge knows. Based on statements from the manager, he reports that Microsoft is currently investigating what the name for the latest standard browser, currently Project Spartan, should be.

In any case, it seems certain that the browser will not be called Internet Explorer. That would have a too negative image. Microsoft is therefore mainly investigating other names, and would especially consider adding its company name. Research in the United Kingdom would have shown that ‘Microsoft’ in the browser name can especially convince Chrome users.

Despite Internet Explorer’s alleged negative image, that name and even the browser will remain for the time being. Microsoft wants to continue to ship ‘IE’ with Windows 10 for ‘legacy’ reasons. This is mainly to accommodate companies. Internet Explorer on Windows 10 does get the same render engines as Project Spartan.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft includes several new features with Spartan. For example, the browser gets support for extensions and speech assistant Cortana is baked in by default. In addition, Spartan would also offer a new method to reduce tab chaos by allowing users to group tabs together.

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