Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft changes the name of its storage service SkyDrive to OneDrive. The software giant had to change the name of the service after a lost lawsuit. It is not yet known when the name change will take effect.

The name change was announced on Monday afternoon on the software giant’s new OneDrive blog. “It may take a while before the name change is rolled out everywhere,” said Microsoft spokeswoman Julie de Wit. In addition, the content of the service will be overhauled, but how exactly remains to be seen.

The name change is not voluntary. Last summer, Microsoft lost a lawsuit filed by British media conglomerate BSkyB. According to BSkyB, the SkyDrive brand name led to confusion and the judge agreed. Although BSkyB only operates in the UK and Ireland, the brand name needs to be changed globally.

Microsoft previously had problems using the Metro brand name. The name was used for the interface where apps are navigated horizontally, but had to be abandoned after the German Metro AG invoked its trademark right. Incidentally, this did not lead to a lawsuit.