Microsoft releases Xbox update with Dolby Vision and Alexa support

Microsoft released the October 2018 Xbox Update. The update brings support for Dolby Vision to the console, as well as operation via devices with voice assistants Cortana and Alexa. In addition, the Live Avatars are now available.

In a message on the Xbox, Wire Microsoft explains the innovations that the October 2018 Xbox Update brings to the console. Under the advanced settings of Display & Sound there is now the option to activate Dolby Vision. This is only possible with an Xbox One S and an Xbox One X. Then the HDR view with the Netflix app is possible on a TV that supports Dolby Vision for people who purchase a Premium Netflix subscription. More apps with support will appear in the coming months, Microsoft promises.

The update also introduces a Skill that allows users of a device running Cortana or Alexa to control their console with voice commands. They can turn their console on or off, adjust the volume, take screenshots and start games. The feature is currently only available in the United States.

The October 2018 Xbox Update further marks the arrival of new avatars, which users can personalize more with the Avatar Editor than before. In the Avatar Store, users can also buy items to give them a Halo or Gears of War design, for example. Those who do not need a new avatar can keep their old ones.