Microsoft releases Windows 2000 Update Rollup 1

A few days before the mainstream support of Windows 2000 was terminated on 30 June, Microsoft Update Rollup 1 introduced. A few weeks later we reported that a number of users of this package experienced problems, because various programs no longer worked or only partially worked. A number of software producers then released product updates to solve the problems with specific pieces of software. Microsoft has last Thursday announced That a new version of Update Rollup 1 will be posted online soon. This updated release of the package with updates will contain a number of extra hotfixes to solve the problems with certain pieces of software and drivers. Since the release of the first version of the Rollup update, problems have been reported with products from Sophos, Panda, Realsecure, Blackice and Citrix Systems. In addition, certain actions in Windows and in Exchange 5.5 suddenly no longer worked. According to Microsoft, however, the problems were ‘isolated’ and only a limited number of customers suffered from the problems.