Microsoft is testing ‘Family’ variant Xbox Game Pass Ultimate abroad

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Microsoft will offer an Xbox Game Pass ‘Family’ subscription in Ireland and Colombia as a test. In addition, up to five players receive a subscription to the games service for a lower total price than an individual subscription.

The people with whom it’Family’ subscription shared, must reside in the same country as the main subscriber, limiting the test to these two countries. It is a feature for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. That subscription normally costs 12.99 euros per month and this shareable variant costs 21.99 euros per month in Ireland. Everyone gets an Ultimate subscription in this scenario.

Only the main subscriber pays and those with whom it is shared must pay the main subscriber again, similar to Family subscriptions on other services. Microsoft does not require players to share a household, as is the case with the Spotify Family subscription, for example.

Xbox Game Pass gives players access to several hundred Xbox games on the consoles. The list of available games is changeable: games are added and other games are removed. The basic subscription costs 9.99 euros per month and a PC version can also be purchased. For 12.99, users have Game Pass Ultimate, which combines the two variants, offers multiplayer access in the form of Xbox Live Gold, and adds cloud gaming.

According to previous rumours of Windows Central, Microsoft has been considering releasing this subscription for “a long time.” The news comes shortly after Sony unveiled its new PlayStation Plus subscription plans.

Image via The Verge

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