Microsoft invests $ 5 billion in internet-of-things

Microsoft will invest $ 5 billion over the next four years, equivalent to EUR 4.07 billion, in the development of internet-of-things. According to Microsoft, more and more companies are entering the market for iot.

Microsoft is investing the billions in the coming years in research and development into the security of the internet of things, the creation of development tools and services and the collaboration with partners. According to the company, customers can look forward to an expansion of Microsoft’s current iot offer but the developer does not yet provide details.
According to Microsoft, there is growing adoption and exponential growth on the IoT market, where the company refers to the increase of network devices in homes and vehicles and to the rise of smart cities. Microsoft’s current Internet-of-things offering includes Azure IoT Suite, Windows 10 IoT and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform.
Internet-of-things has been a big promise for years, but in adoption factors such as fragmentation, lack of standards and security have an inhibiting influence.