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Samsung's new Qled TVs support FreeSync up to 120Hz

Samsung told the Flatpanelshd website that at least the Qled TVs released in 2018 will support FreeSync up to 120Hz. Also Variable Refresh RRate ismplemented in the TVs and Samsung says that the input was relatively low.

It is unclear what the minimum refresh rate is that FreeSync is supported. In addition to this support, the TVs will also have Variable Refresh Rate, which according to Samsung is not identical to AMD’s FreeSync. Samsung told Flatpanelshd that it is two different systems, even though both are concerned that the refresh rate of the screen is adjusted to the source. It is unclear how the implementation of both technologies differs exactly. It is also unknown whether Variable Refresh Rate is already available from the beginning with the TV’s, or that it is only added at a later time via a firmware update.
Samsung has let it be known that the input was with the new Qled TVs in game mode have been reduced to 15.4ms and by Variable Refresh Rate probably reduced to less than 7ms. In addition, the TVs have support for the so-called ‘Fast FRC ‘, with which the manufacturer says that the image interpolation of the TV in combination with a game console leads to an input lag of 24ms. The interpolation would therefore also be good at console games. The Xbox One X and One S have to receive support for Variable Refresh Rate via HDMI this year.
Variable Refresh Rate is part of the hdmi 2.1- specification announced in January by HDMI Forum and at the end of November last year was made available for manufacturers. In 2018 there will be no TV with hdmi 2.1 on the market, but certain functionalities of the standard can be added via firmware updates . The standard allows higher fire widths of up to 48Gbit / s, which can be used to transmit 4k images with 120Hz or 8k images with 60Hz.

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