Microsoft confirms Windows 10X coming to single screen laptops laptop

Microsoft will also release its upcoming operating system, Windows 10X, on single-screen devices. At the same time, the company is indefinitely delaying its Windows 10X dual-screen devices. This confirms the company’s previous rumours.

Panos Panay, chief product officer for Windows, reports in a blog post that Windows 10X is also coming to single-screen laptops. This operating system was originally intended for laptops and other devices with two screens. Microsoft now writes that “the world is a completely different place right now” than it was in October, when the tech company announced the OS. “Users are leveraging the cloud more than ever before and we believe the time is right to lean into this gear in a different way.”

Microsoft says the company will prioritize single-screen devices when rolling out its upcoming OS for this reason. It is unclear when the first devices with the operating system will be released. There is also no mention of a release date for Windows 10X dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo. The company says it will “continue to search for the right moment,” working with its OEM partners. Last month there were rumors that Microsoft was planning to delay the Surface Neo to 2021, and release Windows 10X on laptops with single screens.

The company also says it will begin rolling out the May 2020 Update for Windows 10 this month. This update brings changes to Cortana Assistant, Search, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Task Manager, Windows Sandbox, and more. and the notepad with him. The update also introduces an improved way to connect to Bluetooth devices.

The Microsoft Surface Neo