Microsoft adds shopping apps like Epic Games Store to new Store

The Microsoft Store app store is getting support for third-party store apps. Amazon and Epic Games will add their digital stores to the app store in the coming months. More shopping apps should be available later.

By adding third-party store apps, Microsoft says it will allow users to find and install its store apps “with the same confidence they would have in any other Store app.” The Store apps will have similar pages to other apps within the Store, including description, ratings, and reviews.

Adding third-party shopping apps is possible because Microsoft no longer charges commission from app developers if they use their own payment systems. In addition, Win32 apps can soon be put in the Store. The option to install Amazon’s web store through the app store is in addition to the option to install Android apps from Amazon’s Appstore catalog directly in the Microsoft Store itself.

The web stores appear in the new Microsoft Store. This new Store will be available immediately on that operating system with the release of Windows 11, later it will also come to Windows 10. Microsoft also announces that Opera and the Yandex Browser can be downloaded in the new Store, as well as Discord, Zoom, VLC and progressive web apps like Reddit, Wikipedia and TikTok.