Micron starts lawsuit against Rambus in Italy

Micron has a lawsuit against Rambus started in Italy. Micron claims to be entitled to $30 million in damages from Rambus after the latter filed a lawsuit against Micron in Monza in September 2000 for violating Rambus’ patents on DDR memory. However, Micron was acquitted in this case. In addition, the ruling of the Italian court prompted the European Patent Office to nullify a patent that Rambus had on DDR memories.

The problem, however, is that during the prevention of this case, Rambus was able to seize materials at Micron’s factory in Avezzano, Italy. However, the Monza court had no jurisdiction over the Avezzano plant. Micron is therefore of the opinion that Rambus has abused the legal process and is now demanding compensation. However, it remains to be seen whether Micron is out for compensation. On January 15, Rambus again sued Micron for violating DDR2, GDDR2, and GDDR3 patents. So it appears that Micron has filed this lawsuit to counteract.