Meteostat – Historical weather and climate data

Meteostat provides historical weather and climate data for many weather stations worldwide. The raw data is collected from various government organizations and weather services. Users can access data through a simple web app ( or one of the developer interfaces ( All data is provided for free – both on the website and in the APIs.

The Meteostat Python library is a simple interface to our bulk data dumps. From explorations of single time series to complex analysis – our Python library is the easiest way to consume weather and climate data with the power of Pandas.

The Meteostat bulk data interface provides access to full data dumps of individual weather stations. The data is provided in CSV and JSON format. Users are not required to sign up for this service and can query as much data as they like.

The Meteostat JSON API provides simple access to a large archive of historical weather and climate data. The records are queried by weather station or geo location and can be filtered by specifying a date range and other optional parameters.