Mario is no longer a plumber, now does ‘cool stuff’

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After a career as a plumber of some 34 years, the well-known chubby Italian from Mushroom Kingdom has a new job. At least, if we are to believe Nintendo, Mario is no longer a plumber. So what does he do? ‘Cool stuff’.

Whether Mario has new work is doubtful. Probably the most famous Nintendo mascot is early retirement, as according to his new profile page, he now engages in activities such as tennis, baseball and racing. He does everything cool, according to the page on the Japanese Nintendo website. His career as a plumber is something from the distant past, it says.

Mario hasn’t always been a plumber. Although not much is known about his childhood and education, he started his career as a carpenter. This is evident from his first appearance in 1981 in Donkey Kong – when he was still known as ‘jumpman’ – and from an interview Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto gave to USA Today in 2010. He gave up carpentry after a few years and in 1983. he started out as a plumber in Mario Bros.

In the movie Super Mario Bros. from 1993, the plumbing duo Mario and Luigi could be seen live. It is not certain whether Luigi has also stopped his plumbing career. His profile page states that he has the gift of doing everything Mario does. There seems to be a good chance that he has also given up on it.

Mario may no longer be a plumber, but according to his new profile he is still Luigi’s twin brother, undiminished in love with Princess Peach and just as cheerful as before. He has also not forgotten jumping on Koopa’s and collecting power-ups. He can show those arts again soon, when Super Mario Odyssey comes out on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch. Mario has already appeared in more than two hundred games.

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