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Mailcastr – Create email signature that can track your emails

Mailcastr is an email tracking tool with which you can create your own email signature and track emails sent with it. Being marketers and makers, I hope we all are familiar with a bunch of email tracking tools out there. The main differentiator for Mailcastr is that we don’t add any company branding on your email! and we give you the superpower to leave your own impression with email signatures. With Mailcastr you can;-

  • Create email signature in 1 minute 
  • Track emails sent from Web and Mobile
  • Get real-time push notifications and Dashboard.

Click Here to Install.

What’s in Free?

  • No Mailcastr branding
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Web Dashboard
  • 150 mails per month
  • 4 track events/mail
  • 1 email signature
  • Email support

What’s in Pro (for 1.9$ Monthly)?

  • No Mailcastr branding
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Web Dashboard
  • Unlimited mails per month
  • Unlimited track events/mail
  • Unlimited email signatures
  • Priority email support
  • Chat support

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