MacBook Pro 2021 as a surprise in September?

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Apple’s annual September event usually revolves around the announcement of the new iPhone, but it seems that this year could be different: the release of the new MacBook Pro 2021 is coming!

MacBook Pro 2021 release

DigiTimes reports that the long-awaited new MacBook Pro 2021 models with mini LED screen, improved Apple Silicon processor and a wider range of connections will be announced as early as September. Apple’s suppliers of mini-LED screens are said to have already ramped up production to allow for the launch of the MacBooks in the third quarter.

Apple would also invest $200 million in building four completely new production lines for mini-LED screens. In this way, there will also be enough capacity for the production of the new MacBooks in the future. This investment should also help with the high demand for mini LED screens for the largest iPad Pro 2021. At the moment, Apple is not yet able to get enough screens for the production of this model.

The upgrade to a mini LED screen would be a big step for the new MacBooks. Since the arrival of the Retina screen in 2012, little has changed in the field of screen technology on the MacBook Pro. With the arrival of mini-LED, the contrast and maximum brightness of the screen is greatly improved, just like on the most recent 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the Pro Display XDR.

Striking timing

The expected timing of the release is striking. For the past decade, no MacBook has ever been announced in September: the September event usually focuses on the annual iPhone refresh. The message from DigiTimes, a source that is not always accurate, therefore seems somewhat unlikely. However, the MacBook Pro release date has been anything but consistent in recent years, so this exception is a possibility.

Last year, the September event took place in October due to delays in deliveries due to the coronavirus. This year the event is expected again in September.

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