Rumor: Microsoft and Kojima deal for Xbox game is near

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Microsoft and game developer Hideo Kojima would have signed a letter of intent to make further agreements about an Xbox game to be developed. The two sides have been in talks for months.

According to VentureBeat, the letter of intent states that the two parties will work out legal details about the creation and release of a new Xbox game. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, who has good sources in the games industry, it is a milestone in the negotiations between Microsoft and Kojima.

Kojima’s team has been in talks with Microsoft for months about a possible collaboration, and according to Grubb, Kojima would be particularly interested because of Microsoft’s cloud technology. He argues that Kim Swift ‘s recent appointment as senior director of cloud gaming also has to do with that. She should assist Kojima in making a game.

It is not known what kind of game Kojima would like to make for Xbox and how cloud technology will be used for this. Microsoft uses cloud servers for streaming games to mobile devices and browsers, as well as for the massive Flight Simulator game world.

If Microsoft and Kojima come to a deal, it will probably take years before a game actually comes out. At the end of last year, Kojima Productions announced that it was working on a new project , without giving any further details.

Kojima is the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series and worked for Konami for many years. In 2015 he left and started working for himself. He made Death Stranding in collaboration with Sony , but that game was later released for PC as well. During E3 , Sony showed a teaser of a Director’s Cut of that game. However, that video is also full of references to Metal Gear Solid.

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