Luminar AI promises faster photo editing thanks to artificial intelligence

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Skylum, known for photo editing software Luminar, has announced Luminar AI. The company promises that the use of AI will make editing photos faster and easier, for example by changing the sky of a photo with a mouse click.

Luminar AI would distinguish itself from other software in that it is able to analyze a photo and recognize subjects. Based on this, suggestions are then made, after which specific options appear. For example, it is possible to replace a complete sky with another sky, whereby the foreground is also adjusted if necessary. For example, a photo in daylight can be converted to a night photo with a starry sky or the colors can be changed so that it looks like a photo was taken with sunset.

This is also possible with Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, for example, but such an operation requires many manual steps. According to the creators, consumers and professionals are currently only really creative with photo editing software 30 percent of the time and the rest of the time with sequential steps in the editing process. Artists, photographers and designers would therefore focus more on the creative process instead of the manual work. This of course raises the question of how unique the end result is.

Editing examples of Luminar AI (images: Skylum)

Luminar AI works with a new template system that automatically scans each photo for subject and problem areas. Based on this, advice is given on what to do with the photo, such as emphasizing water features, the sky or a cityscape. Then a template can be chosen, after which six options appear that perform an operation with a single click. The templates can be adapted for your own style and the relevant editing can also be performed manually, with or without more precision.

In this editing mode, portrait tools such as BodyAI can make the bodies of those portrayed thinner or thicker, leaving natural proportions intact, according to their own words. Eyes can be adjusted with IrisAI, and FaceAI and SkinAI focus on refining the details of a subject’s face, while also reducing imperfections and shine. For landscapes, there is SkyAI where the sky in an image is automatically recognized and various adjustments are suggested for a more spectacular end result. With AtmosphereAI, mist, mist and vapor can be added. There is also the AccentAI tool, which claims that photos are ‘intelligently improved’ and CompositionAI, which automatically suggests a better crop based on the golden rules for photo compositions, such as the rule of thirds.

Luminar AI will cost 99 euros and is available as a standalone application, but also as a plug-in for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and Apple Fotos.

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