LockBit 3.0 most active ramsomware gang in August

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LockBit 3.0 carried out the most ransomware attacks in August this year. 125 of the total of 390 attacks that month were carried out by these hackers.

That turns out from figures from NCC Group. This concerns 150 percent more attacks than in July. The reason why LockBit 3.0 has carried out the most attacks is not known. The ransomware gang ALPHV/BlackCat comes in second with 41 attacks and 8base in third place with 32 ransomware attacks. The new ransomware gang Akira reached fourth place in August.

It is striking that Clop’s hackers were less active than earlier in the months of June and July. A total of three MOVEit attacks were discovered for which these hackers were responsible. This was 1 percent of the total. In July, Clop carried out 161 more attacks.

Other research results

The organizations most frequently attacked with ransomware were companies in the industrial sector. About a third of all attacks were carried out on this sector.

In addition, most attacks took place in North America. Nearly half of the attacks targeted this region. Europe comes in second place. The ransomware attacks in Asia were mainly carried out by Chinese hackers who focused on attacks on Taiwanese companies.

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