Little Big Adventure games from the 90s get a sequel

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A new indie studio is working on a sequel to the two Little Big Adventure games released for PC in 1994 and 1997. Two creators of the original games are involved. The action-RPG-like games at the time contained many new elements.

Main characters Twinsen and Zoé return in the new game, which will be released for PC and consoles. Further details are not yet known and work on the new Little Big Adventure game has not yet started, says the studio on Twitter. The studio thanks fan site Magicball Network, where fans of the LBA series are still active.

The new studio is called 2.21 and both Didier Chanfray and Frédérick Raynal are involved. The two worked together at Adeline Software in the 1990s on the original LBA games, which were published in Europe by Electronic Arts.

In 1994, the first Little Big Adventure game came out for MS-DOS, and the game later came to Sony’s PlayStation. By 1999, the first volume had sold 500,000 copies. The second part was released in 1997 for Windows and MS-DOS. In recent years, the games have been re-released by Dotemu on Steam and on GOG. The first part also came to Android and iOS.

At the time of release, the games were progressive. They are action RPG-style games with a semi-open world, storyline and humor. In the first part, 3d characters and objects are combined with 2d backgrounds. In the second part, the outside environment was also rendered in 3d, but the locations inside were 2d with an isometric perspective just like in the first game. The games also used an autosave system, at a time when manual saving was the norm.

Little Big Adventure 1 and 2

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