LIFX to release smart candle lamp with various color zones in November

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The maker of smart lighting LIFX will release the Candle Color in November. This lamp contains individually adjustable LEDs so that a user can set different color zones within a lamp for, for example, a flame effect.

With LIFX Candle Color, users can use up to sixteen million color combinations for the different color zones within the candle lamp. The company cites a lava lamp-like light, a dynamic flame or colorful glow on a wall and traditional light on the room side as examples.

In the accompanying app, users can draw lines and shapes that the lamp then displays in real time and there is also a morph effect for color gradients. The LIFX Candle Color will be released in November for 55 euros and the product is available in an E14/B15 fitting.

Internationally, LIFX also announced the Z TV Strip that will be released in November, but it doesn’t seem to be coming to the Benelux for the time being. This one meter strip is meant to be stuck behind a TV. LIFX does sell the LIFX Z starter kit here, which can also be used for this purpose. These strips can be operated with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit. The starter set costs 90 euros.

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