Licensee CAT will make ‘rugged’ Motorola smartphones

Bullitt Group is going to release sturdy smartphones under the Motorola brand name. Lenovo has entered into a partnership with Bullitt Group, the licensee of CAT, which itself is also active in the smartphone market. CAT makes sturdy smartphones with thermal cameras.

The company will present the phones within a month and a half, says Bullitt Group. It is still unknown what functions the ‘rugged’ smartphones will offer and in which price ranges they will fall. Lenovo mainly makes much cheaper smartphones under the Motorola brand, but with the Edge and Razr there are also a few more expensive series in the range.

Bullitt Group is already active in the smartphone market with its brand CAT. Firm smartphones appear under that brand, many models of which are equipped with a Flir thermal camera. This usually concerns somewhat more expensive models: the CAT S62 Pro, for example, costs around 490 euros.

Motorola has already experimented with sturdy models. For example, the manufacturer had some models in the Moto Z series with a plastic screen under the name Force. The Motorola Defy from ten years ago was also regarded as a ‘construction worker telephone’.

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