LG wants to combine transparent OLED panels with sliding doors

LG wants to use transparent OLED panels for glass doors that can open and close automatically. They can then, for example, show advertisements. LG is going to work together with the Swedish ASSA Abloy for this.

The result of the collaboration is the production of automatic glass doors, which in public places, for example, can show visitors the way with texts or display advertising images. The video images, texts or other images can be adjusted, while maintaining the transparency.

LG uses its 55EW5G OLED panel and SuperSign software for signage for this. The 55EW5G has a maximum brightness of 400cd / m² and a transparency of 38 percent. Integration must be done with ASSA Abloy Entrance Systems sliding glass doors. According to LG, its OLED technology can be easily adapted for use with different doors.

LG has been using OLEDs for signage applications for years. In addition to the transparent OLED panels, the company already demonstrated double-sided OLED screens for advertising purposes in stores in 2016, for example. Earlier this year, the company showed transparent OLEDs for use in the metro.