Lenovo shows Smart Clock 2 with Qi charger for 90 euros

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Lenovo has introduced a successor to the Smart Clock, the Smart Clock 2. It is a smart alarm clock with Google Assistant integration. The new variant has a changed appearance and an optional Qi charger dock that supports MagSafe.

The Smart Clock 2 can be placed on the dock and powers this dock via pogo plugs. Seen from the front, this dock has a wireless Qi charging point on the right side. It can charge with 5W, 7.5W or 10W and is ‘MagSafe compatible’. The dock can power a second device via the USB-A port on the back and has a night light with a light output of 11 lumens.

The new smart alarm clock also has a changed appearance, with the 4″ LCD IPS screen starting higher than the first Smart Clock. Below the screen are now the 3W speakers that are 1.5″ in size. Like its predecessor, the Smart Clock 2 has a MediaTek MT8167S processor with 1GB of memory and 8GB of storage. The alarm clock supports Wi-Fi 4, Bluetooth 4.2, has a microphone and buttons for volume and mute. The alarm clock has no camera.

With the smart alarm clock, users can, for example, manage their connected smart home products, play music, view calendar appointments, show a Google Photos slideshow and use Google Assistant. The smart alarm clock appears in the colors blue, gray and black. Lenovo sells the Smart Clock 2 depending on the market with and without Qi dock, the company does not yet say which markets will and will not get the dock. Including dock, the Smart Clock 2 costs ninety euros, this bundle is expected to be for sale in August.

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