Lenovo introduces Glasses T1 ‘glasses monitor’ for Windows, macOS and smartphones

Lenovo will announce its Glasses T1 during IFA 2022. These are glasses that function as a kind of monitor for PCs, smartphones and tablets. The Glasses T1 will be released in China at the end of this year and will appear in ‘other markets’ early next year.

The Glasses T1 are reminiscent of a kind of AR glasses, although Lenovo does not market them as such. The glasses only have screens in the glasses and can therefore not function independently. Lenovo mainly markets the Glasses T1 as an external, portable privacy screen for use with PCs or smartphones.

The glasses can be connected to a Windows PC, macOS device or Android device via USB-C. Users can also connect the glasses to an iPhone via an optional Lightning adapter. According to Lenovo, this works on almost any device with such a connection, provided it can supply at least 2W of power.

The Glasses T1 is equipped with two micro-OLED screens, each with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The lenses are also partly transparent, so that users can continue to see their surroundings. Furthermore, the temples are adjustable, the nose clips can be exchanged and the Glasses T1 supports adapted prescription lenses.

Lenovo will launch the Glasses T1 in early 2023. It is not yet known what the monitor glasses will cost. The company says the price will be under $500.